Can kids sense preg. ?

Recently it seems like all of a sudden All my nieces are very loving and clingy to me, at church my cousins daughter kept coming and hugging me and putting her head on my tummy, then my other niece came and did that to me while we were out at the movie and she asked me of I was ok I said yes why? She replied saying hmm.. Something strange... Then on Christmas my other cousins daughters who never go to anyone but their parents actually came to me and she fell asleep on me and then I took her to her mom and then their oldest daughter comes to me and just lays on me and fell asleep... Then lately my husbands nieces are also loving towards me as well.. Idk whats going on but I'm loving it..and hopefully there's a Lil bundle of joy coming or growing YAY...ILL KEEP U ALL UPDATED.... WHAT IS UR STORIES :+)