Shanean • Ttc our second child. Really want our first to have a sibling. Would love to have 3 children, they are such blessings!!
I get so mad when people look at me all stupid when I say I don't have health insurance when going to appointments. I'm currently going through my health department because insurance through my husband and myself company is not affordable at all. I have to pay for my services through the health department until I know if I qualify for Medicaid. My husband and I probably make too much money do therefore I'll probably have to buy my own insurance from an outside source. I'm sorry that I don't have health insurance now but I am a working mother of one and #2 on the way. Don't judge me because I don't have health insurance, who else feels this way? Gets my blood pressure boiling, and yes I am a fat Ass I can be pregnant if I want I The Lord wills it it will be done!!