Question about CP?

Amber • Just Living life with my honey :)
So I'm not for sure, but I think I had a chemical pregnancy. I posted a topic yesterday asking the other girls opinions if they thought I had one since I took a pregnancy test in the morning with a faint faint line then that night I took one it was plain negative and the next morning I got my period very very heavy and that never happens it usually starts out light then medium then over. And I didn't have my unbearable cramps this time either which was off I usually wake up to them but I work to AF full on. Annnnnyways! I didn't go to the doctor. I didn't think I had to bc my period was only one day late. Are you supposed to go to the doctor over a CP? I read most girls don't bc they don't even no there pregnant. But should I go? Or is it to late this happen on the 27th the first day AF came. Also I really in 50% of women after a MC or chemical pregnancy they belive to become more fertile afterwards? Just wanted to know some ladies who had a chemical pregnancy and got pregnant again fast? Really wanting some good news. On the bright side if I did have a chemical pregnancy atleast I know I can actually get pregnant. Please let know what you ladies think.