Am I thinking too much of it?

Carlota • Everything that shines ain`t always going to be gold.
My fiancé and I we're driving today and over a casual conversation.. I randomly asked him if he had exes he was friends with still and he replied with a no & it'd be weird. I then proceed and asked him if he were okay to be friends with people he's done stuff with but never dated.. He said yes and he also said he has has friends whom he's done stuff with.. Like they met, did stuff like sex and etc and never dated but became friends instead. Idk how to feel about this.. It's not that I don't trust him but it's weird.. What if we were going to the mall or something and we come across his "friend" he banged and they're just like "oh yeah I fucked your man before.. Now I'm friends with.." That's so weird to me! Very weird actually. He also wasn't happy when I had "friends" whom I've done stuff with so I cut them off since we we're close friends you know and now he's keeping his? He didn't even say he's cut them off.. I didn't tell him I had a problem btw even after not hearing him say he would stop talking to them.