Little cotton runaway

Almost 2 weeks ago while having, I'll say, an romantic moment intament moment with my husband we started noticing a bad smell. Then after we were done, after investigation it turns out it's coming from me. 😮😣 so I take a shower in hopes that's the extent of the issue. Wakeup the next morning with cramps, not bad just annoying like as if you have to do a #2 and the smell is not only still lingering but getting worse. After a couple days I start FREAKING OUT!!! I don't know what wrong with me and I just feel so disgusting cause I smell bad so called called OB/GYN. They said the Dr. Wasn't available for appointments until January 😨 then she asked my symptoms and after I tell her she says the soonest in in 10 days to see the nurse practioner. I take it the appointment!!! But today.... I sneezed really hard and I felt something weird down there. Like when you sneeze on your period and you feel your tampon move a little. But I'm not on my period... go to the bathroom to check it out and low and behold a freakin 3 week old, foul smelling tampon! Once I processed this info and put the pieces together I felt both relieved and panic! And almost immediately I felt better. I told my husband and the look on his face was priceless!! Still gonna go to my appointment for sure but the smell is gone and also the cramping... Does this stuff happen to other people or just me?!