no symptoms

J.R 🦋 • Baby Girl 💕👣 JUNE 2018
Isn't just so weird how we get that gut feeling and they usually never fail us. Like 2 weeks ago I kept complaining to my SO about my symptoms going away randomly I did not have my first ultrasound until 11weeks. I was already telling him since then that when we went to the appt I knew the baby wasn't gonna be there or not have a heartbeat I just had that feeling he kept telling me that I was just paranoid and to not worry and sure enough we went in couldn't find the heartbeat with the Doppler and when they did the US there was no baby in there. So earlier today I had my D&C procedure. This is why us females always go with our gut feelings when it comes to situations. If you feel something is not rite go and check on yourself or baby!❤️️ I had a missed miscarriage where your body does not realize the pregnant is over so you don't get any signs of a miscarriage no bleeding no cramping.. Hopefully soon I will get my 🌈 baby 🙏🏼