Pregnant with a 4 month old....

Chardonnay 💙💙

Just tested positive last night and I'm freaking out. I'm 29, just had my first son after a miscarriage. I'll be 30 on the 12th. This is almost like deja vu all over again. This was around the same time I tested positive last year. I was on the mini pill and it immediately reduced my milk supply so I stopped taking it. I had been waiting to hear back from my doctor for approval on the nexplanon. My hubby knows everything that goes on with me. And he came in me the last two times we had sex which was two weekends ago. The first day of my last period was 9/26, and I was hoping my period was syncing with the girls from work. But I've been feeling nauseous all week, so I had him get me a first response. I was devastated when I miscarried but we are not in any position to be having another child. Is it wrong to hope for another miscarriage? I feel like a terrible mother to my son, he's only 4 months! He won't understand what's going on. He's attached to mommy!

Edit: I haven't been on this app for a few months now, I forgot how a lot of you females on here are ruthless insensitive uneducated BITCHES!

I read many of you say "you LET him cum in you. How do you LET or ALLOW a man to cum in you? That's very stupid. Hubs n I have been together for 10 years now, he's been pulling out sometimes we used condoms. And when I mentioned we had been doing the withdrawal method TO MY DOCTOR she said "very good" she didn't call me stupid or feel the need to educate me. But I had went in for birth control. I started the mini pill and it IMMEDIATELY reduced my milk supply. Did I not already mention this? I have been waiting to hear back from my doctor on the approval from my insurance company for Nexplanon. Which takes 3 weeks. And he knew I stopped taking birth control. We have been unprotected since postpartum and he had not came in me until a few weeks ago. I know where I messed up and I don't need any of you insensitive bitches responding with your nonsense. I'M NOT SEEKING SYMPATHY I'M SEEKING INSIGHT FROM MOTHERS WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS SITUATION I'M CURRENTLY DEALING WITH


And while I have the free time I will be responding to your comments the way I see fit... you might want to report me.