Whoa!!! Random Friend's Dream

I got a message today from a girl I worked with 12 years ago and we last connected about 2 years ago and her message was simple "hey girl, are you pregnant?"  Turns out she had a dream about me randomly last night where she bumped in to me at a store and I was buying baby boy clothes. In her dream I hadn't made the announcement yet, which I haven't except to my sister. She was meant to give me a message - to stop doing something that I know is harmful to me. I quit smoking the day I found out I was pregnant and am otherwise really heathy. She asked if I was stressed or worried. And that was it!!!  Her dream was to tell me to stop worrying and that this baby is meant to happen. It was incredibly mind blowing and brought me to tears. Weird thing is I finally do feel this sense of calm that everything is ok and that my scan in 2 weeks will be perfectly fine. Has this happened to anyone else??  Any unusual stories of friends/family/pets with a sense??