We had been trying for 4 months and nothing

We had been trying for 4 months and nothing. This was the last time I wanted to try for a while and I had planned on getting back on B.C. If I had not conceived.... my cycle are usually 25-28 days. Af was suppose to show up on the 30.. so I tested Friday which was the 28 because we were having a Halloween party on Saturday and first response 6 days sooner came up negative so I kinda was bummed out come around Saturday i couldn't finish my mixed drink so something felt wrong Sunday came and no aunt flow I tested again and it was negative waited another day and still negative so I lost all hope... today 11/3/2016 I was 4 days late so my boyfriend told me to test and I did I could not see the lines but he could maybe because I was in denial!!! This was a lesson for me to not lose hope and faith❤️❤️❤️