pelvic ultrasound i think??

Jessica • 24. not TTC. i have a boyfriend❤️.
soo.. i went to the doctors today and i told the doctor about my periods. like so the only bad thing is my cramps, like the blood amount is normal.. so the doctor put down i have "severe bleeding / severe cramps" well the bleeding part isnt right and i told her that but she put it down anyways.. i mean i already told her that my bleeding was normal, why would she put down that i have "severe bleeding"?? maybe easier to get me on birth control for the extended cycle one? but now i have to get a US pelvic non-obstetric with transvaginal which is scary. so im asking you ladies to fill me on what happens, if you had this done. i have my period coming up in a couple day and i imagine that you wouldnt wanna do this on your period so ill have to wait until the following week to get this done