Any moms exclusively pumping? (long)

So I'm due in February and I have no desire to breastfeed. I imagine many of you have the same reaction as everyone else around dare I speak such a thing?😒 I didn't breastfeed my first son...I did try and it was such a frustrating experience for us both. At that time I was young and everyone made me feel like my pregnancy was the worse thing to ever happen in life (even though I was 21) , so I was depressed and just detached. This time around (11 yrs later), I don't want to actually breastfeed but I would love for baby to have breast milk. I work 2 jobs and I'm hoping I can go back to work after doctor gives all clear in 6 weeks. I'm a single mom and will have 2 kids so work is important for me. I'm researching exclusive pumping and I love the idea because baby can still have my milk without having to be on my breast...this makes it easier for me to move. I watched videos on YouTube and tried reading up on it, but if any of you have experience I'd love to hear from you.