2nd loss

Tonight we found out we had a second loss (first occurred in 2015 at 10 weeks). I'm 9 weeks, 1 day today. And to be honest, I felt it coming. Our hospital offers Sunday imaging appointments and there was no growth. The yolk sack had shrunk and the fetus stopped growing. 
I can't help but think this is my karma for having two elected terminations. Maybe now that I've paid for what I did, I can move on and have a healthy pregnancy in the future. 
The on-call midwife called me at home this evening and told me the news. I asked what could be the cause, she said miscarriages are common (about 25%) and that it's usually a genetic thing. Our first loss, our son, had triploidy. We were told it was rare and it probably wouldn't happen again. The midwife wasn't too concerned since this is our second spontaneous loss (she said they'd be more concerned we're this #3+ in a row). 
I'm doing ok tonight. I've got two beautiful girls already and a loving husband. I can get through this, but I still might cry. 
Thank you for reading.