I have been blessed with 3 BEAUTIFUL daughters

I have been blessed with 3 BEAUTIFUL daughters. My oldest is 16 and my middle Child is 14. It had been a long time since I was pregnant. At age 38, I have been given the opportunity to have another child. We tried for 2 years and finally we were pregnant. So my heart goes out to all the ladies out there you are struggling to conceive or have experienced miscarriages. Just remind your self that it is in God's timing not ours. If we would have had her when we wanted to the joy would have been sucked out it all because I ended up caring for my mom for 1 year in my home due domestic violence between my parents. My dad went to jail a year later my mom went to her mother's to live with my grandma. My dad had a quadruple bypass so we then took him in for a year. My parents are very toxic people.