People are people. No matter where they're from.

Our nation's problems do not stem from illegal immigration. You don't have to tear families apart to make this country better. I hate the term illegal immigrant. They are living, breathing people. People that God made just like me and you. Just because you happen to be born on one side of an imaginary line that was created by man means that you deserve a better life than someone who was born on the other side? No!  I personally believe that we should make immigrating to the US an easier and less expensive process so that PEOPLE can have a better life. And I sure as hell believe that children should not be ripped away from their parents and families just because some of them were born here and some of them weren't. Children should not be punished for decisions that their parents had to make to give them a better life. Do you know people who aren't legal immigrants? Do you love them? Are you friends with them? Do you think Jesus would treat them any different than you? No, he wouldn't. Just because someone's circumstances are different than yours does not mean they are less deserving of a happy life. I don't understand how people can't have empathy. Working in a hospital, I meet patients from all walks of life. I see these people, not for what they've done or where they're from or what they are there for. I see them as people. People who struggle, people who are loved by someone, people who are loved by God no matter what, people that I'm going to treat the same way I'd treat anyone. White men did not "legally" immigrate to the United States. We came here because we thought we deserved this land and we destroyed almost every Native American tribe and banished them to reservations to get it. This country was created by the slaughter of the people who were here before us. No one has any room to trash talk people who just come here to find opportunity and aren't hurting anyone. Because our ancestors brutally murdered people to draw those imaginary boundaries. So next time you judge someone who just wants to come here to make a better life for their families even though they don't have thousands of dollars and many years to wait, doesn't mean they are less of a person than you. People are people. Thin, average, plus sized, white, black, hispanic, Asian, middle eastern, smoker, non-smoker, citizen, immigrant, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Gay, Straight, Bi-sexual, transgendered, non-binary, and many more. Our differences make us human. God loves you no matter what side of an imaginary line you were born on. And I am not more deserving of an amazing life than someone else. I am privileged to have been born on the side that affords me opportunities that I might not be able to dream of if my circumstances were different. And all of you who shame and ridicule and criticize people who were born on the other are in a position of privilege also. Recognize that and empathize. And if you were able to come to this country legally, recognize that it is a privilege to be able to afford that. Get out of your bubble. Talk to someone who has come here. Understand why. People are afraid of what they don't understand. If we all listened to the people who are the ones affected by polices that deem them illegal, we might feel differently about them. If you are ignorant to the plight of fellow humans, you cannot grow as a human. We need to listen to the people who are marginalized in this country. People who are in the minority. Understand them. If you can't fathom why anyone would cross the border into the US illegally then I guarantee that you could do a google search and listen to people talk about the barriers to legal immigration that aren't conceivable for those living in poverty in Mexico. Watch a documentary. Search your soul. Educate yourself. Listen to people and understand. Love your fellow humans.