Did I do something wrong?

I go to the ob-gyn twice a week for being high risk cuz of having gestional diabetes. (Im 36+4 weeks)So I am always taking a long bus ride (1 1/2 hour) to my appt. And the same back home and I always go alone cause my boyfriend doesn't have the patience to by go. so since my last appointment he was supposed to to go with me to my upcoming appt. because my doctor was gonna do a quick ultrasound to check baby's weight and the amount of ammontic fluid. He wanted to come to be able to see the baby. So the night before he asks his sister if she can come in the morning to watch my little boy so we can go. So she comes in the morning and then he decides he didn't feel "good"(he gets a bad attitude when he doesn't have weed) so I ended up going by myself. When I got home I was excited because everything looked good on the ultrasound and I started describing the baby that she has chubby cheeks and in front of my son and his sister he cops up and attitude and says for me to quit bragging and he's upset that I didn't push the issue for him to go.

Now I'm not even allowed to talk about my appt. :-( he made me cry because of it. Am I wrong in any way? I have no one to talk to and he argues with me about everything and makes me feel like I'm in the wrong with everything.

Sorry this is long :-(