What should I do?

Hi ladies,

So my question has nothing to do with pregnancy, but I need advice... I'm a crazy animal lover and everyone who knows me knows this about me... I donate money and food for animals in need, I can't stand cruelty and so on... which brings me to the following - my in-laws just visited and they bought me a $7000 mink fur coat as a gift for being pregnant with their granddaughter... my mother in law was so excited for me to try it on and I just felt disgusted and felt like my conscious is dirty. She told my husband right away how she sees I don't really like it, but he didn't want to hurt her feelings and said that I love it... should I just put it in a closet and leave it there? Should I sell it? Should I give it back? I know that none of this will bring these poor dead animals back, but I just feel guilty.