honest opinions please

So my son was 4 weeks old, now 7. After having an emergency sections I contracted an infection in my uterus. I was very poorly so my MIL came over to help me look after my son. My husband was out entertaining clients. I told him to go out for the dinner and drinks as it was very important for his company as they were tendering for a very large contract which would take his company to the next level. Any ways, I took a turn for the worse and ended up in hospital. My husband was on his
Way home and I was with my mum. My MIL was looking after my son. I told her when my husband got home, not to let him hold the baby as he had been out drinking for a good 6+ hours. When I get home from the hospital a few hours later, my husband is asleep on the sofa with baby next to him an d MIL in bed upstairs. I'm so angry she went against what I said and now I don't want to be around her or even let her look after my son. She doesn't know I feel like this as she's an emotional woman who cries at everything. Am I wrong to feel like this? What would u do? How so I sort this? X