fat shame?!

chelsey • Heyyy. I'm in my 20s for now, i was raised on a dairy farm. I'm engaged &we have a son, Braeden & one more on the way!!
Took this tonight before I took a shower 
I asked my fiancé if he would be embarrassed to see it on fb and he said no but he is worried others may shame me. I usually don't actually show my belly without being covered by a shirt. But I want to be able to post my baby belly and show that it's legit my belly not something under my shirt. Does this honestly look that bad? Would you laugh at someone on fb if you seen this!? 
All of you are beautiful for your kind words and blessings. Those of you whom weren't so kind you're beautiful as well. But for those of you saying I was fishing for compliments and stuff like that. I wasn't. I came to this group for this because I thought I could trust you ladies who are going thru the same thing. But some of you did let me down. That's okay because I feel great. Tomorrow (Monday 12/26) I got in for my glucose test. So wish me luck. And I also attached another picture for the few of you whom said I hav always prolly been as large as I am now. Thanks for your time ladies but this is the last time I'll post pictures on this app.