Boo Late Period... UPDATE

This is not one of those "why is my period late... am I pregnant?" posts. 
I just want to rant. 
For one, yes I'm sexually active and we use the "pull and pray" method. So that doesn't help me. 
But I'm now late by two days and IM STRESSED. Not only by the possibility I have screwed up my life but mainly because I have a lot going on. 
With Christmas shopping, having maybe 3/10 people shopped for, helping plan my sisters wedding (this upcoming Friday), practicing songs with my bf for my sisters wedding, having to prepare a song for church last Sunday and a bridal shower last Saturday, having my bank account be sad because I'm not working because I have a lot to plan, and then the obvious fact I'm late and don't have the time or money for a baby... super stressed.
My bf said sometimes sex triggers a period to start if it's late... so now I hope I start tomorrow. (This time we wrapped it up like a Christmas present like we should be doing all the time.)
If you've stuck with me through my rant, Merry Christmas! 
UPDATE: I started 👍🏻