Boy probs

Sabrina • waviest kid on earth
So I've liked this guy for a few months now (more like 8. ://) we hit it off really well as friends when we first met. I started liking him a few weeks after meeting him, and it felt so right, like it was meant to be or something like that. I then found out he liked someone else and I was heartbroken, but I never got in the way between him and the other girl; I'm not that kind of person. I told myself I would wait (I've rewatched The Office almost 7 times. In this instance, I thought I was Jim and he was Pam lol) and there was a time when I liked him so much that I had to tell him. I told him, and of course, I faced rejection. I felt weak, like there was something wrong with me (still do) but I never stopped liking him. She broke off whatever she had with him and I built up my hope, like I have a chance with him. My other friends have told me I have some type of connection because he always talks to me, no matter the circumstance, and about, well just about anything, but he hangs out with so many girls, and they are so much prettier and smarter than md, why would he settle for me? What should I do?
In case you didn't read through all my blabbering, I've liked a boy for 8 months and now he doesn't have a girlfriend and I don't know how to make a move, or if I even should.