Je`Nique • 💕Spiritually & Mentally Balanced💕
I bought this at Walmart for $4 sixteen packets come in the box. It tells you what's in it and the directions aren't confusing or the explanation of what ingredients are used to make the tea and what it does. Also says how long to boil it on the stove and how many times per day you should take it is stated on the box but you don't have to take it as many times as it says you have to but for the best results you should. 
I've been using this product for three weeks now and on the first day after I took it  I had to go to  the restroom which is a good sign it means that it's working and cleansing my body. So over the past few weeks I've been going to the bathroom and my stomach  has gotten flatter ive lost  2 pounds so far I haven't been taking it like it said I should and its been working great you can also drink it cold if you don't  like hot tea. But let me warn you now that it does slightly bloat you up and that the tea doesn't have a taste you can buy a different one with flavor like (berry,peach).
But they do have a variety of teas that do different things here is a list of them.
•Nursing Support 
•Slim Life
•Super Antioxidant 
•Stomach Ease
•Triple Echinacea 
•Healthy Fasting
(P.s the tea bags comes with quotes)