dad doesn't think boyfriend is good enough for me

Morgan Elise
I love my boyfriend more than life itself and wouldn't change a thing about him, but my dad doesn't think he should be dating me because of how he looks. I honestly don't care how a person looks; I only care about how well they treat me and others. My boyfriend is the nicest guy ever. He brings me soo much chocolate and sweets when I'm on my period, coffee when I'm tired, and little notes that he wrote on days that I'm stressed about something or when I'm sad. He makes me feel welcome in his family and is really happy that I love his family. He gives me piggy back rides when I'm tired of walking and tries to understand the things that I like even if he doesn't really like it much. I honestly feel like I have a future with him (I've never felt like that with anyone I've dated in the past) but my dad doesn't think he deserves me. Is he just being a protective dad or should I calmly talk to him about the situation?