60 day cycle and pregnant

I have hypothyroidism and PCOS (was diagnosed with both about 2 1/2 years ago.)
My last period was November 3, 2016. My cycle is incredibly irregular so I wasn't super surprised that my period was late. I went to my doctor on December 21st and she decided to do a pregnancy test which came back negative. (Again, didn't surprise me) She gave me a 5 day provera prescription which I did and still no period. 
December 31st my boobs starting feeling a bit sore, but I didn't think too much of it. January 1st I woke up and my boobs were still sore and around the middle of the day I started feeling nauseous and just really tired. I decided to take a test and it was a BLARING positive. The line was super dark and immediately showed up. I've taken about 4 more tests (different brands) and they are all very dark. 
I'm just so confused as to how the test the doctor did on the 21st was negative but then now I'm getting very dark lines. 
I have no idea when I ovulated so I have no idea how far along I am and it's killing me!!