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Brandy 💗🌈👶🏻🎀
Ok so this girl o use to be pretty good friends with asked we a while back to be her maid of honor. I really wasn't into it in the first place bit of course I said yes. Well today I get a text message form her and she beat around the bush saying she wanted me to just come to her wedding to enjoy myself. I'm pissed off.I didn't want to do it in the first place but it's the princible of  it all. She is a shitty person anyways . I mean she's 30 and I have only known her for about 7 years and for me to be the one to ask you know she must have messed over tons of friends. I got her a job at my work and she is close with one of the other girls there now. I saw her post a picture of her saying ( my bff) so I'm guessing that's who she wants now. I don't know just though I would share. Has anyone else heard of some one asking someone to be their MOH then taking it back?