14 weeks - so far my pregnancy

So I'm only 14 weeks. I was so excited to begin my 2nd trimester. But yesterday I bleed red. I've had bacteria vaginosis- that's cleared up. Began intermitted bleeding nov 11th and finally found out I had a 3cm subchronic hemmorage before Christmas. Not near baby and small so the ER DR said. I ask had a scan done (NT) per protocol .. DR said I need low baby aspirin in case baby gets high blood pressure.. like I said, I was happy to begin my 2nd tri until the red blood. My DR to top it off sucks and claim they never heard or got my information regarding the subchronic hemmorage from ER (not true). The red blood scared me. Today no blood at all. Idk if it passed or maybe a new clot formed. I'll call my DR tomm. Maybe I should be put on bedrest per the ER DR so hopefully they will or check to see if the hemmorage (blood clot) is smaller. I have a heart baby monitor to ease myself if these episodes happen where I can't see the DR. Part of me feels a bit defeated so much so soon makes me feel like something bad will happen later? I would hate to lose our baby in 2nd tri or after. I'm I being too worried (I limit it as I know it's not good) but it just a lot in 14 weeks. Want the blood to go away. So far DR said baby is healthy has a heartbeat of 150/160 - just pray our boy makes it to the end with no complications..