so confused

So me and my man who is really just my FWB spent New Year's <a href="">Eve</a> in a hotel room. We where making out and he whisper in my ear that I'm beautiful and when I ask him if he means it he whispers yes. We had sex 5 times that night. He made sure that he ordered veggie pizza because I'm a vegetarian even thought I said I didn't want any. He have thousands of little kisses and when I told him a like him more then I should we had mind blowing sex. We talked about having kids and being married. In the morning when he had to leave for work he wouldn't leave until I kissed him Goodbye ( I was mad at him for leaving so early). I'm so confused because with all the sweet things that he does when we are together make me fall hard everytime we are together. But he never tells me how he feels about me and i dont know what we truly are. I'm afraid to ask him because I don't wanna lose him. HELP!!!!!