8w1d spotting?


Hi! I'm 8w1d. Third pregnancy, still no babies. My last pregnancy I had brown/mucusy spotting when I wiped and I went to the walk in at 7w2d and saw the heartbeat and got the Rogham shot and then found out my baby stopped growing the next day.

I'm a little concerned today because I just started having very faint cramps/pulling for the past hour or two and I just went to the bathroom and when I wiped I saw a brown spot, the size was a little smaller than a lady bug. I've had no symptoms this time around other then occasional sore boobs. I did see the HB around 6w2d and I am taking progesterone.

I also have a tilted uterus, if that matters

Now my only dilemma is, I am at work and we have weird toilet paper, not the really white type you have a home. Its white but has like weird dots on it like its recycled or something. Idk if that brown dot was there or not....I wiped a couple more times and there was nothing. Idk what to do. Because I do know if I am spotting I will need the rogham shot.