will someone help me with my financial Pell Grant Appeal

I've been sitting here all day, I can't figure out where to start, what to say, scared their going to deny it and all and I need it. They put me on Academic probation, this is my first semester. My dad got cancer, I took the role of going with him to appts, and taking care of him and I basically flunked... I tried but couldn't keep up with work, my mom made me stay or I was going to get kicked out. He died in Oct. I basically gave up and clocked out. Now I want to try again, for him and more importantly for myself because I know I can do better just need help. 
She said provide documents so I have a death certificate, obirtuary and I also I was going to provide a paper that had some of his chemo appts. I don't know what else to do, I just need to be approved.