Vivid dream got me feeling guilty😣

Brianna • 23. Student & mamabear to two handsome boys♡
I'm 17 weeks pregnant and these vivid dreams have been coming in full force for about a month now. The dreams that stick out most to me are the scary ones, and the sexual ones. Well a few of these sexual ones have involved the guy I lost my virginity to.. I was 14, and I haven't seen/spoke to him since; its not something I put any thought into. Last night's was crazy though including my current situation with pregnancy, my son, and my husband being away.. I talked to this guy about how my life was going (all accurate information) and then I cheated!! My husband found out and I felt my world crumble. I woke up feeling relieved that it was a dream, but awful because that is something I would never think of doing and it all seemed too real... Please tell me i'm not alone😞 I seriously feel like a dirtbag right now.