PLEASE HELP 16 pregnant ?!

Help might be pregnant! I'm 16 and  scared. I'm 3 Days late today I took a test the first day I was late i looked at it thought it was negative and threw it away until I looked at again the next day when I read a column on here about faint lines that's when I realized there was a line there. I took two test yesterday night and they were negative but they were a cheaper brand so today I got the same brand I used when It was posistive and it was negative ( took it in the morning before I ate or drank anything ) 
 that's 3 negative test and one possible positive ( could be evap line!?!? ) but that doesn't change the fact I'm 3 days late, I can't go to my mom or my family until I know for sure. me and my boy friend are both Christians from Christian families so for us to have a child before marriage would be catastrophic ( but they're not crazy religious just traditional so there would be forgiveness and expectance especially being that both of our moms had us before marriage ) I'm just confused and need advice about everything please help. I know it's hard to see the line but every one I showed sees it too.