Prego after depo!? Can anyone relate?

Okay sooo.. I've been off depo for a month.. It'll be two months on February 3rd. Have yet to have a full period cycle since then.. Just some very very light spotting for a few days and then a few weeks later a few days of dark brown and red discharge which I assume is old blood. Recently I had really really sore boobs like holy crap my nips hurt bad for about a week.. Which I've never ever experienced before and they're still somewhat sore. Yesterday I had a really bad migraine along with a burning and pinching sensation on my right side.. And today I have really bad nausea and heartburn and my discharge is a milky white color which I've never seen its usually clear. I took a test about a week ago and it was a bfn. But I still feel just off and well honestly hopeful. I guess I'm wondering its possible to get pregnant coming off depo with/o a full period? I've heard it could happen i just don't kno how common it is. Maybe I'm just getting ready for AF and am experiencing new symptoms? What do u guys think?