My Epidural free Induction birth story


I am a FTM and wanted to have a birth that was as natural and med free as possible. Fast forward 11 days PAST my due date.. I was getting induced. They started me on pitocin at about 815pm. The nurse gave me realistic expectations that I would likely be on pitocin the whole time as most FTMs aren't able to wean off of it. I did ask for the nitrous gas a couple hours into labor, but it didn't seem to do much for me. After about 4 hours of the pitocin the nurse weaned me off saying my body had taken over like it should have. I was thrilled. I tried moving around, using the birth ball, on all 4s, walking, rocking, nothing was working to take my mind off the contractions. The nurse suggested I get in the tub. Getting into the tub meant I could no longer use the nitrous, but since it wasn't doing much for me that was okay with me. Once in the tub, the warmth of the water, and the way the water took the weight and pressure off my hips really helped me cope with the contractions. I stayed in the tub for HOURS with my eyes closed just breathing through each contraction. I kept reminding myself during each contraction that each one had a purpose, it was bringing me one step closer to my sweet boy, and they only lasted a minute or two... I could do anything for a minute or two at a time.

Eventually I was checked and was at a 9. The doctor really wanted me out of the tub at that point.

I got out and got into bed. At that point my husband applied counter pressure to my knees with each contraction which really helped. Finally it was time to push. About an hour later (12 hour labor from start of pitocin to birth) my sweet 8lb 9oz baby boy was here - no epidural needed.

My best advice is to go in open minded. Don't be disappointed if things don't go your way since you really can't control the process. But, if there are no complications going epidural free is totally doable for a FTM even if induced. Good luck mamas!