Birth Story (LONG) + Pics 💗

Gemma • FTM, Baby Girl 💞 *EDIT* Born 27/12/16, Eva Mae 😍

Everything seemed normal, and I was sure I had weeks left until any sign of labour would come but all that changed when my waters spontaneously broke before I hopped into the shower at 5:50pm (I was 36+5 weeks). It didn't pop, I didn't feel a pop or hear one, I just felt warm liquid down there like I had peed myself a bit. So I hopped into the shower trying to tell myself it was just pee, I mean that's normal in pregnancy right? When I hopped out it kept gushing out and I freaked. I waddled to my bedroom and put a pad on to see how much was coming out... by the end of the time I got dressed I needed to change it. I sat next to my boyfriend on the lounge nervously and told him my waters had broken and he didn't believe me... then he looked down at the lounge (which I totally didn't know I was leaking on) and start pacing and smiled at me.. I put on two pads after that and since they weren't maternity pads they weren't holding the water well (I thought I had a while before I needed to get stuff like that!) I whipped a tea towel into my tights and waddled around the house packing the hospital bags and called up the hospital.

We got there at around 6:30pm and I wasn't having any contractions but they confirmed my waters had broken with a test. They sent my boyfriend home, and I stayed the night alone thinking I'd wake up with contractions or something. But nothing...

So the next morning my boyfriend came back and they decided to induce me (I chose to do it earlier because I was worried my baby would get an infection). So at 1:31pm I got the drip to start contractions, I was 1cm dilated.

At 3:30pm I started having instant pains 2 minutes apart that really hurt. They had been bumping the dosage up so often. But it wasn't in my stomach, I couldn't feel tightening. I felt the pain deep inside, and in my lower back. And within minutes they were less than a minute apart and holy hell they hurt. I thought I was tough with pain but this really got me. The nurse said she was finally glad I wasn't smiling, because that meant things were actually happening. After an hour or two, they decided to bump it down because I wasn't getting a break. I had no build up, one second I was in no pain and the next I was in too much to handle. But even though the dosage was down I was still was having contractions less than a minute apart and I couldn't make a sound, they gave me the gas since I requested it and I closed my eyes, breathed in the gas when I was contracting and laboured until 10:30pm when I received the epidural. My goodness, the relief that was. I was in heaven.. well you know. The kind of heaven that has a catheter stuck up in you.

I let my boyfriends mum and sister in after that, and my mum also. The nurse came in to check how many cms I was dilated, which was uncomfortable because my bfs mum and sis didn't take that as a message to GET OUT. And they said I was barely 3cms dilated, and then after that my baby girls kept heart rate dropped. My mum was worried, looking at the monitor and then talked to my bf and I was wondering what was going on. A doctor came in and told me that my baby had gone into distress but I could choose to either have a c section or wait it out to see if I progress. My boyfriend and I decided to have the c section because putting my fears aside, her health and safety was my number one concern.

At around 11pm they had cleaned me and dressed up my boyfriend, and started the c section. At 11:20pm on the 27th of December 2016 my baby girl, Eva Mae, entered the world with a little cry and my boyfriend and I cried with her. I had the shakes, and felt completely drugged out but I felt so much love I couldn't handle it. They wrapped her up and gave her to my boyfriend to show me. She weighed 5 pound 14 ounces, and was 49cm long. ❤

...A day later she had respiratory issues and was flown to a bigger hospital where we stayed a week, which was heartbreaking but she fought hard and is now doing just fine. ☺

(SORRY for lots of pics below I couldn't decide on just a few) thankyou for reading ❤💘😚