TTC for almost a year now. Didn't track ovulation or really test much at all at first. Wasn't checking CM, or OPK/temping in beginning, but I have been last few months. Hubs travels for work, so it was more crutial to get in BD time when we could. Had BFP, which ended in CP last cycle, now in 2WW for TTC again. This cycle my mucus testing shows EWCM is a go, temps indicate I O'd 21st, but Opk testing still only faint line, which I'm told is a negative and not any surge? I've tried testing different times of day, different tests, strips, dollar tree, and POTS. All not indicating surge. Trying to temp every morning (which I clearly missed some days), wondering if just rolling over in bed to get thermometer could change temp readings? I know you're not suppose to get up or move around, but I've gotta get to the therm on my nightstand! Anyone else see anything of significance or have any insight to this cycles temps photo so far? You can see temp change after my CP, and again for possible O?