So much to figure out!

Khyla renee • Married ! 💍💎 new life new journey.
Hi ladies i am turning 21 n march and im going to be completely honest i am a stripper (dancer as i say ) i work 5 days a week 7 -9hrs a day i dont have friends i am home on my days off or sleep and me and my bf just got back together and he moved out of state to live with me long story short he was okay with my job so i can save up and get a car but he just freaks out sometimes and says mean things ..i dont drink or do coke etc i just smoke joints i use to be a meth addict been clean for 3 years .. Yesterday he made me stay home he choked me out and forced me to say things or he will punch me in my mouth ..i just had a mc from the end of oct -nov that was my second loss(the first was 4 years ago not with him).. And im totally lost and confused i just dont no were to go about this am i wrong im going back to school soon and cant wait ..i have my own place 2 bed 2 bath its in my name and my second bed is rented out ..i love him its been almost 3 years but is that why i mc bkus he isnt the one just like my ex !😕😔 i dnt listen to him he thinks i like dancing bkus of the attention but the money is fine and its not much stress its only temporary i care about my future happiness ..