Is something wrong with me

Where do I start?? I have been married for eight years it will be nine this year. 
My dear SO loves the attention from other women. I have expressed my feelings about it. I told him that my attention is the only attention that he needs. He told me that he isn't only going to be limited to one woman. I said wtf does that mean.  He said that he is going to have friends of the opposite sex. 
His whole attitude towards things have changed. He has never taken anyone home from work that was going way best our home. He lies about where is and/or where he has been. His phone goes all hours of the night into the early morning. He has canceled date night for his female friend. I voice my opinion and he gets married and says that I'm causing problems in our marriage. 
I told him go ahead and have female friends and seek attention from other women. But do it without me. 
Am I wrong ? Am I crazy? 
Thanks for all the comments. 
I told him as I was packing my bags It's either me or them?  Before he could respond. I said, "I'm done."  And, I left.