TMI picture. Awful diaper rash!

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My daughter started having an awful diaper rash last Tuesday. We began using Desitin immediately for a couple days. That didn't seem to help so we began using lavender oil, which usually takes care of her bad diaper rashes pretty quickly. We're on day three of lavender oil and it doesn't seem to be helping either. We began using Aquafor this morning along with lavender oil. She also started having loose bowel movements yesterday and today, so that is making it worse.

I just laid her in her crib naked to see if the dry air might help any (my moms suggestion). What else can I try? It doesn't seem to bother her any until she has a dirty diaper. No fever or anything. And I know the diarrhea is because of a medicine she's taking to get rid of an ear infection.

Please help!

What else can I try?

Let me add I've called the on call nurse at her pediatrician. Waiting on her to call back.