So sick of dry heaving/gagging!!!

Mandi 😈💀 • Expecting #2 August '15!
I am 11w1d and I am so completely over feeling nauseous without actually vomiting and feeling some relief. This is my second pregnancy but my first was NOTHING like this! I had minimal morning sickness, with this one I am gagging and dry heaving every single day all day long. I haven't found anything that gives me relief! 😰
I really hope this is a first trimester thing, although the small amount of morning sickness I had with my son persisted until 32ish weeks. I will die if I have to deal with 20 more weeks of this. Its gross, I can't control it, and I'm pretty sure because of how often it happens people must think I'm faking it! I just wish I would actually throw up so I at least wouldn't feel gross anymore, but anytime I actually throw up anything it's either bile or white foamy stuff, and I still feel like shit.
I just needed a little ranty session :-( thanks for reading.