Husband told me I don't need a break because I'm a SAHM😩

This morning I woke up sick for the first time in over a year and ended up sleeping til 9am (usually up at 6am because I have two toddlers). When I got up my husband said he was going back to bed because it's his day off and he's tired. I said I'm sick can you please help and he said no it's my day off I'm going to bed. I said well when is my day off and he said everyday day is a day off for you you're a SAHM. That made me upset and I said I work sun up to sun down taking care of the kids and house and cooking you shouldn't tell me that I'm basically some lazy person who does nothing and refuses to work. He said don't act like a martyr and pretend you do everything (I literally do everything, he does nothing when he's home from work). What gets me I have a nursing BSN and was working at a hospital but he told me to stay home with the kids while I was pregnant because day care is too expensive for two kids under two. I agreed and this has been the arrangement since. Our kids are 1 and 5 months. I'm so frustrated. He talks to me like I'm a piece of crap all the time and then after he says it he says 'oh come here and hug me"or "come here and lay down with me." I can't. I have two kids that apparently you're not gonna help me take care of. He makes me feel like I'm totally not worthy because I stay home with the kids, which I love doing but wish he didn't make me feel like I was on a perma vacation and that my day to day is a walk in the park. I'm so upset today. I feel like I can't even look at him.