postpartum nightmare?

Finally realized I'll be having a baby sometime in the next month-ish and started reading up on what happens to our bodies postpartum. It's important for me to note: we planned for and tried for this baby, and I am so excited to meet him. However, I have to say: I feel like pregnancy is a sick fucking joke. I had never heard of 90% of the shitty symptoms or crappy things I've had to experience during this pregnancy. All I ever heard about was glowing and "morning" sickness. And now I was finally able to find a good timeline of each day postpartum, and that sounds like a trainwreck nightmare of feeling like shit and looking like shit for a minimum of 6 months. FUCK the women who minimize TTC, pregnancy and postpartum life. I'm now looking at it as my job to tell every woman I know the intense truth of it all so that they don't have to feel as miserable, alone and ugly as I will have for basically 18 months when all is said and done.