Caught my friends husband cheating

So, I caught a friends husband cheating. I was talking to a friend and he asked if I had a single friend for a buddy. I asked who his friend was and little did he know, I'm his wife's best friends cousin!! I messaged my cousin, cause I couldn't get her, and she told me to keep him talking. According to him, he caught her cheating and she was living at her parents. I told him if that were true, she would be able to confirm that. Well, I talked to her this morning and she did not confirm that. I know I did the right thing and she's not mad.. She's glad I told her. I mean, I would want someone to tell me if my boyfriend/husband was cheating. She checks his Facebook and I was the last he searched. So, they were obviously talking about me last night. I would find it odd to search my wife's best friends cousin, especially if he had nothing to hide. He also doesn't know that I am her best friends cousin, and probably just thinks I'm just some random person who happens to know his wife. He wakes up to ask about me to tell her I was talking bad of her, but little does he know she has the conversation. They didn't invent screenshot for nothing!! They have a son. Please keep them in your prayers. I'm glad my friend, who isn't my friend anymore, blabbed not knowing who I was, but I'm not too thrilled that the whole situation had to happen and that she had to find out, through me, that her husband is out looking for side chicks.