Threats at the bus stop

So I just moved my family from a big city to a very small town. My child met a friend at school and fell in love. My SO n I met their family and fell in love too.

They fell on hard times and we offered everything. Even to move them into our extra room. That didn't happen but only because the father went to rehab. The landlord said mom n kids could stay. After that mom had a different friend over. That girl stole their only car and scraped it!

So after that my friend asked if I could stay w her. I live down the street. Our Kids share a bus stop. I agreed. My SO agreed and said its the sweetest thing ever for me to be there for them.

One morning she flips. Says my kid is the reason everything is wrong. "Kicks" us out. I stood there and heard her out. She's saying my child has broke her kids glasses. Though there is no proof her kids didn't.

I went home and let my SO take my child to the bus. When he came home He asked what was wrong. I told him. He was mad and protective and text her about it. After all, We were like family. She flipped more.

She and I agreed to leave each other alone.

Now her hubby is out of rehab early. Goes to the bus stop and threatened my SO and our whole family there.

We weren't going for that And called the police. But now... they are innocent and we can't do much. What?!