Need help with husband issues.

Tiffany • Christian. Mother of 3. 3 living and 1 angel. 10 years together married 7.
My husband and I have been having a really hard time. I was ready to just walk away a month ago. But after reading some tips on here I decided to try them. I spoke to him, I have told him what I needed and he did same, I have cut back on my nagging, I have gave him sex almost daily for the last month, and I have done my best at keeping the house picked up with me having pregnancy problems I'm limited. I even set up a night for him to have a guys night out so he could just have some man time. 
Well I have got no massages, but 1 decent one, which is one of the things I said I needed. I have got zero communication from him, and no inneciatvive to do anything together. He has constantly had his phone up his ass, and made plans with friends to hang out and then doesn't tell me. I'm just over it I have no clue what I could poss do anymore. All I want is the attention that's not sexual, something that shows compassion. 
Nothing at all, he rather play on the computer, talk to his friends, and make plans with them. But can't with me. 
I'm extremely hurt and just wanna leave. I have tried the five him what he wants, we have tried counseling, I have read books, I have done it all. 
And he's super hard on our son, like sometimes my son over reacts and whines for no reason but sometimes he seriously scared or hurt and my husband tell him to suck it up. He's FOUR. I get so pissed off that he can't just comfort him. Ugh I have no clue what to do. Help. 
Also I have spoke to his mom about the probls I have been having, because I have no clue what else I can do, and she just yells at me for " talking bad about her son " 
I thought I was right to come to her instead of my family who would be naturally defensive over me.