My announcement

Desiree • Due with my rainbow baby Aug 6th Derik J McMurray
This was a last minute announcement for my parents. Not the way I wanted to share the news with them but they loved it. I told them it was their valentines gift and they had to open it right now. My mom was so happy and after being in shock my dad came around and is happy. His little girl is all grown up and gonna be a mommy :) 
I had my mom give my sister the box and she thought my mom was pregnat it was so funny but after she found out it was me so was overjoyed. I feel like so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that they know. Tonight I'm telling the rest of my family at my Nana's birthday and having my cousin read a letter I'm putting in with her gift that she's going to read outloud at the table :) I'm so excited!