Should he come for VDAY? LDR

I met a guy of tinder right before New Years(like the day before New Year's <a href="">Eve</a>). He came over, and watched frozen with me and a friend, then we said our goodbyes and had the cutest kisses goodbye. This guy is my dream guy. Attractive, genuine, Christian, supportive, funny, ornery, like the list goes on full package. Well he lives 6 hours away(his extended family lives within 30 minutes of my place). He is going into the marines program at his college and they are somewhat strict im rules. Anyways we are both 20 and since he left we have been snap chatting, texting, and we've had a few phone calls. We even had a little over the phone sex it was intense. My question is would it be weird to ask him to come down for VDAY? We haven't seen each other since then and I have my own place so we would have somewhere to stay versus if I went down I would have to get a hotel. We keep talking about seeing each other again and he tells me how much he likes me. I've never done a LDR so I am just kind of lost. Any help? Do any of you have experienced with an LDR? Thank you :)