Rant. Husband and I disagree on house guest.

Okay, I really don't feel that I'm wrong.... But I'm open to hear everyone's opinion on this.

So, a few days ago, one of my husband's friends came in from put of town. What was supposed to turn into a one night stay, turned into a 3 night stay.

I told my husband that I don't mind helping someone out every once in a while, but our home, is...well, OURS. And, I don't feel entirely comfortable waiting up for his friend to get in (to basically sleep, eat our food, and shower) all hours of the night.

What I thought was handled yesterday (big blow up about being courteous, and just discussing things with me, since I live here too).... Isn't handled.

After my husband got off of work today, he was excited for dinner, and talked about us spending time together, and watching a movie.

I'm finishing up the dishes, and all of a sudden, the friend stops by. Totally unannounced. After a few hours of him being here.... I ask my husband what the deal is.

I am then told that the friend is staying the night again tonight...and then Saturday, and Sunday night...until he hits the road Monday morning to go back to California.

I then get called "rude" because I don't want him to stay with us all of those nights....and get told that he is "done" with this conversation.

Am I wrong for wanting to know and have some control over what goes on and who stays in my house ...?

Obviously. I've talked to him. What would you ladies do ?