What's going on? Feedback please!

Brittany • Chloe Elizabeth 7-30-13. Sophia Grace 10-15-15. Baby #3 09-20-16
I took an OPK 4 days ago, it came back positive. I had been having mild cramps for about 3 days before I took it, and to this day I still have mild cramps, I thought I was getting my period because I usually get very mild cramps before my period starts. Well today I noticed blood when I wiped, but its not pale pink, and its not brown either, but its not a crimson red either. Its not heavy and not even enough to stain my panties. I have checked my cervix multiple times throughout the day to see if its changed and for the last 3 days, including the day I took the OPK, its been high, soft like almost tender to the touch, and tightly closed.