I need help, actual comments ladies PLZ!

Laura • I`m 28yrs old , I`m a stepmom to an amazing 4yr old boy Levi. Just started BC pill 1st time ever to get my hormones and body evened out.
This is my chart I'm 9dpo today I've had the faintest of faintest lines yesterday 8dpo (not FMU) and today 9dpo(FMU) I'm gonna hold off until I'm 11 or 12dpo to test again. My temps have been right around 99.86 except for my dip (hopefully implantation) yesterday. Ladies please take a peek at my chart and tell me what you think does it look good? When would my temp dip down for AF if she's coming? (I'm due AF the 5th) and when would I have high enough HCG for a good positive if implantation was yesterday? Was my temp dip yesterday enough to be implantation? I seriously have definite lower back pain, mood swings like crazy, and peeing constantly, an I don't know if this is a sign or not but this weird shooting pain in my left armpit kind of close to my boob??? Don't know if that's something but it's never happened to me before..., PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LADIES EVERY POST I DO EVERYONE ALWAYS CHECKS THE "see the answers" OPTION AND I GET NOWHERE, I NEED SOME OPINIONS PLEASE SO I CAN FINALLY TRY AND GET SOME SLEEP(I've had insomnia last 2nights,& that NEVER happens) thanks in advance!