Don't Wanna Stop EBF

Nyleve • SAHM to my 2 boys born 12/2015 & 11/2016
Ladies I need advice! I'm currently EBF my 2.5MO and it's going great. He's BF on demand and will also take a bottle of pumped milk for bonding with daddy once a day or every other day. When I was pregnant with him I agreed to let my friends take me on a 3-day trip out of town for my bday. It didn't hit me until now that baby boy would only be 4mos (trip is in mid-March). But my main concern is that he's EBF and I have a very small frozen stash that won't suffice. So I was thinking about introducing him to formula to get him accustomed to it before I leave. The thought of no longer EBF made me so very sad! I wish I could cancel the trip but hotel and tickets are already booked. And being away from baby boy and supplementing will definitely affect my supply. I don't know what to do. I wish I could pump enough for the duration of the trip but I don't have an oversupply, unfortunately. Even if I take my pump on my trip, it's not the same as my baby being latched. I supplemented my first born last year and I didn't feel bad about it like I do with the mere thought of it with this one. Any tips, suggestions, advice?! Thanks!