It's going on almost 3 yrs of TTC..

It's been a bumpy emotional roller coaster ride! I have a new attitude towards TTC as I just realized my old attitude could of effected my journey due to stressing and all that negativity ! This month from here on out I'm going with the flow! 💃 I can already see that I'm ovulating this month without meds 😊 my cm is flowing perfectly and my cycles are on track. All I have to do is eat right and think positive. Trying to enjoy myself through this long journey. Would like a buddy going through the same if possible for support if that's not too much to ask, I'm not sure if anyone in this group is going through the same or similar. But let's make this OUR year to make healthy babies. Who's with me? ✨✨✨✨BABYDUST✨✨✨✨✨